We’re true bakers in our family, and we’ve accumulated dozens of tested and tried gluten-free recipes over the years. Browse our recipe index below, and feel free to also filter through by product type, bread type or cuisine!


You can grill this bun in a panini press and it won't fall apart.

Sesa-Monster Buns

Monster because they're big, Sesa because of the seeds! Golden, Moist buns, good toasted or fresh.

Monster Buns

Monster because they're big! Golden, Moist buns, good toasted or fresh.

Wheatless Wonder Sub Buns

Sub Buns

Perfect for a classic submarine sandwich! Load it up with all your favourite toppings.

Cheese Bread

Cheese makes any bread so yummy!

Wheatless Wonder Hamburger Buns

Egg-Free Buns

Golden, Moist buns, good toasted or fresh.

Cranberry-Chocolate Loaf

We make this at Christmas and enjoy it for breakfast as well as dessert! It reminds us of a French brioche with the tang of cranberry and the smooth sweet of chocolate.

Mexican-Chocolate Cookie

Mexicans have enhanced the wonderful richness of chocolate with cayenne pepper for many centuries and we added butter and sugar to make tender, intriguing chocolatey wonders.

Speculaas Cookies

These buttery spice cookies are classic Dutch Christmas treats.