We’re happy to offer you our years of experience in this section of our website! We know it can be a little intimidating baking your own bread, but all it takes is a little guidance and practise to get your bread rising and looking like it’s straight from that french boulangerie! Don’t hesitate to comment to ask us any questions or leave us your own tips and methodology!

We’ve experimented alot with our flours and bread mixes, and have come up with delicious tried and tested creations which we want to share with you!

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This is the section you should visit if you want to start baking like a professional! We are constantly adding new videos showing our own tips and techniques that we use for our commercially baked breads.

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In this section we compiled step by step instructions for baking our signature breads using the bread mixes bought from our store. We have different instructions for those using a bread machine, and those who prefer to do it the old fashioned way!

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