Our Story

Wheatless Wonder Bakery was born serendipitously after I discovered that I am celiac. At the time, in 2009, the only gluten-free bread available was frozen and while some was very good, they had to be toasted, to be edible. I really missed sandwiches on fresh bread, so I started to try my hand at baking my own bread, using recipes that I found online or in books. At first, the results were… not terrific but I really, really wanted a fresh tomato sandwich, so I persisted and subjected my family to many failed trials. When I approached the matter scientifically and determined the necessary proportions of important, gluten-replacing ingredients, I was able to craft some decent loaves that actually looked and tasted like gluten-full bread.

I soon began baking for friends and family, desiring gluten-freedom and before I knew how much trouble I was in, I was approached by my local health food store to produce small quantities for sale in their store. As people tried our bread, they started requesting them in their local groceries and restaurants and we quickly became overwhelmed. We had to enlist our three children, then in their early teens, to help out in their spare time (they refuse to admit that 4am is spare time). Those were tiring but exciting times, with so many possibilities opening up for our business and our family. We decided that we would be committed to making the best bread, in an artisanal manner, to the exclusion of any other baked goods and more importantly, that we would all five of us, be partners in this fabulous, scary, crazy ride.

In the past three years, we have expanded our line of breads to exclude other common allergens, so that we now offer egg-free, legume-free and even yeast free breads! We hope that offering dry mix online, along with easy to follow instructional videos will allow you to enjoy fresh, healthful, gluten-free bread, even if you live outside our delivery zone.

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