Cuisine: Savoury

Melba Toast

In the unlikely event that you have any baguette left, you can make these terrific crackers that we love with cheese and pâté.

Cheese Baguette

Our terrific baguette with all its pores and chewiness but with added cheese.

Wheatless Wonder Gluten Free Bagel Sesame


You can make perfectly round, delicious bagels right in your oven.


A delicious flat bread, studded with olives, dried tomatoes and herbs.


You can grill this bun in a panini press and it won't fall apart.

Cheese Bread

Cheese makes any bread so yummy!

Savoury White Sauce

This basic white sauce, also known as a béchamel, is best known for it's role in the cheese sauce of mac and cheese but it is a wonderful topping for vegetables and is traditionally used as a filling in moussaka and lasagne.

Pie Crust

This is the flakiest, lightest crust, you can use it for sweet or savoury pies.