Cooking Method: Speciality

Fruit Brioche (panettone)

This breakfast brioche is similar to the panettone. It is wonderful toasted and slathered with butter.


A delicious flat bread, studded with olives, dried tomatoes and herbs.

Cranberry-Chocolate Loaf

We make this at Christmas and enjoy it for breakfast as well as dessert! It reminds us of a French brioche with the tang of cranberry and the smooth sweet of chocolate.

Savoury White Sauce

This basic white sauce, also known as a béchamel, is best known for it's role in the cheese sauce of mac and cheese but it is a wonderful topping for vegetables and is traditionally used as a filling in moussaka and lasagne.


We love these light, fluffy, buttery dumplings on stews and soups. A nod to our French Canadian background.